Become part of a growing User Community

The SAOUG brings together leaders and experts from all Oracle product users to discuss ideas and issues that are common to Oracle users in South Africa. This is a special community of people who volunteer time and energy to learn more about Oracle products and services and to maximize the return on their investments in Oracle.  Membership to the SAOUG provides the opportunity to enhance your skill set and organisational technical advantage by attending our numerous events, gaining access to a network of peers for collaboration and information exchange and to voice opinions to Oracle about products, services and policies.


The SAOUG received recognition for the support and efforts of the IOUC and EOUC over the past year and is seen as one of the three largest user groups in EMEA and one of the few self-sustaining user group communities globally. This can be directly attributed to the great attendance, gracious sponsorships and many exhibitor contributions we receive annually. SAOUG can neither succeed nor grow without its financial supporters.

We encourage all Oracle customers and partners to get involved and become members of our South African Oracle User Group. Stay connected and network with other professionals using Oracle products. Share your ideas and best practices and reach out to mentor new users.

The South African Oracle User Group 
(Association incorporated under Section 21)