Membership INFO

Membership to the SAOUG provides the opportunity to enhance your skills set and organisational technical advantage by attending our numerous events, gaining access to a network of peers for collaboration and information exchange and to voice opinions to Oracle about products, services and policies.

Membership Type and Fees

The SAOUG offers the following types of memberships, which are valid for a year: 1 January to 31 December 2017 (irrespective of joining date)

The fees below are excluding 15% VAT.

Corporate Membership:R7 700.00

A Corporate membership allows a minimum of 2 people and maximum of 10 people.  Companies are allowed more than 1 Corporate membership.

Corporate Individual Membership:R605.00

Corporate Individual membership allows you to join if your company has Corporate membership which is paid in full and you are not one of the 10 named members.  If companies would like to add more names to their Corporate Membership (up to 5 more members) they may take this option. 

Individual Membership:R770.00

Individual membership allows companies up to a maximum of 2 people

Student Membership:R302.50

(*Please note: For verification purposes, a valid full time student number and institution verification will be required)